Authority questions DEP construction permit

Following a fine from the Department of Environmental Protection [DEP], the Ridgway Township Municipal Authority is questioning the validity of a construction permit detailing modifications to the Boot Jack Pump Station.The Authority was fined last summer following a reading conducted by DEP officials which found a higher concentration of byproducts permissible in the water system.According to Works Superintendent Carl Gosnell, the DEP recommended modifications may not be suitable for the township's system."My concerns are the special conditions on the draft," Gosnell said. "I don't know that they are reasonable and that they can be implemented by the Authority. I don't believe the system can be operated in the way that they are suggesting."Gosnell's primary concerns involve the valves and the functions of the pump at the station."[Special conditions] involve the opening and closing of valves and the on and off function of the pumps," Gosnell said. "There is no provision in the construction permit and there are two pumps that interact with the valves. Everything right now, if this was implemented, would work independent of each other. We are talking about altitude valves that operate independently of the rest of the system. We are talking about a PRV [pressure reducing valve] that has high and low pressure settings."In order for this to work the valves are going to have to be opened at a certain time, closed at a certain time, and pumps are going to have to be on and off based on the levels of tanks."Pick up a copy of the Saturday, May 5, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.