Area mother admits to stealing own child's identity

An area mother pleaded guilty in court Monday to stealing the identity of her own child, a minor, in order to open accounts with credit card, satellite television, and a variety of other companies and service providers. Racheal Susan Weisner, 38, of Reynoldsville, entered a plea of guilty to the offense of identity theft during return day proceedings Monday at the Elk County Courthouse.District Attorney Bradley J. Kraus provided the court and Judge Richard Masson with a factual recitation of the events that precipitated the charges. According to Kraus, Weisner used the Social Security number of her son, a minor, to open accounts with Capital One, Windstream, ZitoMedia, DirectTV, and Allegheny Power, and subsequently fell into delinquency on those accounts, owing $3,454.13. According to Kraus, it was not long before collection agencies began attempting to contact the son. This caused a concerned relation to initiate a credit history on the boy, which revealed the accounts secretly opened by Weisner.Police were contacted and executed a search warrant on Weisner's home, at which point Kraus explained the investigating officers "learned Weisner used the identity of a minor son to obtain services, utility services." Weisner, who acknowledged the accuracy of the DA's statements and said she had just been released from jail, and is currently maintained on parole supervision under the Jefferson County Court System. Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, April 3, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.