Area children participate in third annual Ridgway YMCA Kids Triathlon

The third annual Ridgway YMCA Kids Triathlon was held July 30 with 14 triathletes participating. Based at the Ridgway YMCA, the event consisted of swimming, biking, and running. The swim leg was held in the YMCA pool, and the bike and run legs were held on nearby streets. The transition area for T1 (swim to bike) and T2 (bike to run) was located behind the former Ridgway Armory building.The YMCA staff and volunteers were assisted by the Ridgway Police Department and Ridgway Fire Police ensured the safety of all of the young athletes as they swam, biked and ran their way to the finish line. The intent of the YMCA Kids Triathlon is to provide kids with a fun way to physically and mentally challenge themselves while promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes a variety of activities.The event sponsors, Ridgway YMCA, Ridgway Ambulance Association, Athena Laser Clinic and Dave’s Pro Shop, ensured that all triathletes received a T-shirt, and the top three finishers in each division were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. Most important is the fact that the kids challenged themselves and had a good time staying fit, and that makes them all winners.The Ridgway YMCA Kids Triathlon continues to be a fun and challenging event year after year, enjoyed by kids, parents and spectators alike. The Board of Directors of the Ridgway YMCA would like to commend the committee, parents, kids, sponsors, staff and volunteers for doing such a great job. The event will continue to grow as the YMCA continues to share a vision of building strong kids, strong families and a strong community. The kids were divided by age and gender into eight groups with the individual events adjusted for age as follows: 5-6, 30 yard swim, ½ mile bike, ¼ mile run; 7-8, 30 yard swim, 1 mile bike, ¼ mile run; 9-10, 60 yard swim, 1 mile bike, ½ mile run; 11-12, 90 yard swim, 1 mile bike, ½ mile run. Girls Division5-6:1. Alexia Hoffman, 7:207-8:1. Mikah Patterson, 10:122. Ronnie Hammerly, 10:423. Jessica Gilmore, 14:14 9-10:1. Allie Hammerly, 12:492. Gabbi Rohr, 13:03 11-12:1. Hailey Hoffman, 14:49Boys Division 5-6: 1. Jonah Williams, 8:34 7-8:1. Skylar Jacko, 7:512. Will Howard, 8:563. Ben Howard, 9:21 9-10: 1. Isaac Ironcloud, 9:222. A.J. Wolff, 12:13 3. Cole Coder, 13:30 11-12:NoneBib number - triathlete109 - Alexia Hoffman110 - Jonah Williams218 - Ben Howard219 - Will Howard220 - Skylar Jacko221 - Mikah Patterson222 - Ronnie Hammerly223 - Jessica Gilmore307 - A.J. Wolff308 - Gabbi Rohr309 - Allie Hammerly311 - Cole Coder312 - Isaac Ironcloud405 - Hailey Hoffman