Anonymous letter bears falsities

Spring Creek Township officials found few problems at campsites along Cemetery Road after receiving an anonymous letter that questioned building and sewage practices."I checked into all the complaints and I have copies of all the zoning permits from Russ Braun-- I did talk to the assessment office and they are paying taxes on one of those, they plan to check out the other building and see if there are taxes on that one," said supervisor Donna Kosick.A new building is reportedly being constructed in Hallton along Cemetery Road."To our understanding, Jack Bogacki and Bob Bogacki each have a parcel of ground there," said supervisor Richard Wittman. "A few years back, Jack put in a building for a camp or summer home, whatever you want to call it and Bob decided to do the same thing. "Bob secured the permits, I know he did because I talked to Russ Braun on it and everything with the exception of an issue with the [Elk County] Conservation District is good."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, July 13, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.