American Spirit Aviation Festival a big success

Photo by Larry Simon – The Elk Flyer’s 1978 Piper PA-28-181 four-seater brings some customers in for a landing with the car show’s 168 cars in the background.
Larry Simon
Special to The Ridgway Record

The annual American Spirit Aviation Festival was held Saturday at the St. Marys Municipal Airport with a large crowd on hand throughout the day.
Al McPherson, airport manager, said he did a lot of research on just planning the date for the show.
“Statistically, this is the best weather day of the year,” he said.
McPherson is also a crew chief for the Elk Flyers who provided one of the three aircraft flying customers for the show.
A group displaying other aerial skills were several hang gliders run by Eric Kriner, whose dad ran their custom-built winch to get the gliders off the ground.
An all-day affair was the Elk County Cruiser’s eighth annual car show which expected to have 165 show cars come in but managed just three more at 168.