Ambulance service rescinds proposal

The Ridgway Township Supervisors held their regular meeting Tuesday night to discuss whether the St. Marys Ambulance Service or the Ridgway Ambulance Service would be designated as the primary service provider for north Ridgway Township.Officials from the St. Marys and Ridgway Ambulance services, members of the Johnsonburg Fire Department and residents from Ridgway Township were on hand to seek information and take part in the discussion.Following a lengthy discussion, St. Marys Area Ambulance President Todd Caltagarone held a brief meeting outside and decided to rescind consideration from the township as the primary service provider."We have board approval," Caltagarone said. "We just had a meeting and we are going to withdraw from consideration. You can go ahead and use the Ridgway Ambulance Service. This is not fair and not right to have this kind of anxiety over who you are going to have cover. St. Marys Ambulance Service will withdraw their RFP [request for proposal] but we will still provide Johnsonburg Borough. "We are withdrawing and to make it easier on the supervisors to use Ridgway [Ambulance] as their primary provider. This controversy is simply not worth it, it's not worth it because it will eventually effect the quality of care in terms of care." Supervisor Milly Bowers said even though the St. Marys Ambulance withdrew their service, they will not reach a final decision until a later date. Prior to the withdrawal from the St. Marys Ambulance Service, Caltagarone stressed that their service was not in competition with the Ridgway Ambulance Service."We are not in competition with Ridgway or any other ambulance service because there is simply too much at stake," Caltagarone said. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, July 18, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Township SupervisorsTuesday, Aug. 214:15 p.m.Municipal Building