Adult Day Services invites residents to sweeten up their Friday the 13th

ST. MARYS - Adult Day Services, a Community Nurses-licensed facility, located at 625 Maurus St., will be holding a bake sale on Friday from 2 to 5 p.m. in an effort to encourage members of the community to come and check out the facility. Signs will be posted near both the Maurus and Louis street entrances to the parking lot in an effort to direct visitors to the building. Adult Day Services staff will be parking at Elk County Catholic High School in order to free up parking spots, but individuals can also park at ECC and walk over as well. Taylor Frank, a student assistant for Community Nurses this summer, is coordinating the bake sale as one of her projects. Cindy Shulkosky, a volunteer for Elk Regional, is also involved with coordinating the sale. Linda Bankovich, Adult Day Coordinator, explained that the idea behind having the bake sale is "to get people here to look around and if they have any questions or anything, we'll be here." The outside of the facility is deceptive with its dark exterior. Even the hallway right inside the main door does little to suggest that a comfortable and homey living room setting located is right around the corner. That is exactly the case, though, as individuals find themselves in a large room with comfortable seating, tables for playing games, a television, piano, and a large activity board listing all of the things clients will be able to participate in throughout the month. According to Bankovich, Adult Day Services is geared toward individuals over the age of 60 who may have physical or cognitive impairments. Many of their clients either live with a spouse or a child, and Adult Day Services provides a supervised setting for their loved one while those individuals are working during the day or even if they just simply need some time to themselves."Sometimes, as people age, it becomes that perhaps they aren't safe enough to stay home during the day. The family wants to keep them at home as opposed to going to a facility or a nursing home, and they're able to take care of them for a certain period of time, but perhaps not all day," said Ann Bauer, Public Relations Coordinator for Community Nurses. "This gives them a very safe, comfortable, fun place to be during the day. I've heard many of the family caregivers say that their parent or spouse has actually improved after they've come here, and they're happier when they come home in the evening because they've had a lot of activities during the day."Anyone unable to attend the bake sale but who would like more information about Adult Day Services can call 781-8253. Pick up a copy of the Thursday, July 12, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.