The Daily Press The Ridgway Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-04-21T00:17:07-04:00 nominated for council, police contracts approved2015-04-21T00:15:50-04:002015-04-21T00:15:50-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordThe council first addressed Parrish's resignation, which was set to leave the council with one open seat on its seven-person council.Parrish tendered his resignation to the borough at the end of March, and that resignation became effective April 1. The council unanimously voted to accept Parrish's resignation during their meeting on Monday, the first meeting since Parrish officially notified the borough of his resignation.The council had 30 days to appoint a new council member after they accepted Parrish's resignation, but the council wasted no time in discussing the options for his replacement.At the meeting, Ridgway Borough Manager Kim Zimmerman presented a list of eight names that the councilmen had discussed at some point, but only two names were discussed by the council off of that list.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerStolburg nominated for council, police contracts approvedRidgway River hotbed for wildlife photos2015-04-21T00:14:21-04:002015-04-21T00:14:21-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordDippold, a longtime wildlife photographer in his own right, recently captured photos of an immature male whistling swan. The animal, with the tag “M43” around its neck, was originally tagged in Ontario, Canada.Dippold was kayaking on the Clarion River and first saw the swan in the area of J.J. Kennedy, Inc. He tracked the swan down the river near the old railroad trestle off North Broad Street near the former Elliott Company.Ridgway, PAJoseph BellClarion River hotbed for wildlife photosRidgway annual triathlon set for Saturday in Ridgway2015-04-21T00:17:00-04:002015-04-21T00:13:16-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRegistration for the event will take place from 8-10 a.m. on the courthouse lawn with the starting line on Main Street at 11 a.m. The order of the race is run, bike, canoe. The finish line will be on the Clarion River near the Portland Mills ball field.The awards ceremony will be at approximately 4 p.m.So far, there are at least 30 ironmen and women signed up for the event, and roughly eight two-person teams and five four-person teams.Ridgway, PAJoseph Bell34th annual triathlon set for Saturday in RidgwayRidgway a sharp eye on victims' rights2015-04-21T00:17:07-04:002015-04-21T00:12:17-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordAs Sunday marked the beginning of National Victims' Rights Awareness Week, some of the men and women responsible for protecting victims' rights in Elk County discussed their roles in the issue and the challenges they face in fulfilling that role.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerKeeping a sharp eye on victims' rightsRidgway Marys woman charged in hit-and-run2015-04-21T00:10:44-04:002015-04-21T00:10:44-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordKelly Jo Marie Friedl, 29, is charged with four counts of DUI and a summary offense of accidental damage to unattended vehicles or property.Ridgway, PAJim MeyerSt. Marys woman charged in hit-and-runRidgway bathroom ceiling fan reported cause of St. Marys fire2015-04-20T01:33:01-04:002015-04-20T01:33:01-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordElk Company 1 (Crystal Fire Department) was called out at 1:41 p.m. to 613 Virginia Rd. in St. Marys along with the St. Marys Ambulance and city police officers."141 reported smoke showing on arrival," said Crystal Fire Department spokesman Tom Bauer. "The fire had just burned through the roof at that time. We established a water supply and got the fire out… it pretty much burned the whole roof off with water and smoke damage inside."Ridgway, PAJoseph BellOverheated bathroom ceiling fan reported cause of St. Marys fireRidgway running for Supreme Court seat2015-04-20T01:30:08-04:002015-04-20T01:30:08-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordForadora is the second-youngest president judge ever elected in the state. He was the first Democrat ever elected to the bench in Jefferson County in its 200-year history. Ten years later, Foradora was retained for a second 10-year term with 84 percent of the vote, the highest retention percentage anywhere in the state over a four-year period."They must think I'm doing a good job and that's why I want to bring those winning ways to the Supreme Court and bring some common sense to a court that's been dominated by urban people throughout its history," Foradora said.Ridgway, PAJoseph BellForadora running for Supreme Court seatRidgway County Historical Society hosts 51st annual dinner2015-04-20T01:27:56-04:002015-04-20T01:27:56-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordElk County Historical Society Executive Director Mary Kalinowski spoke briefly about the status of the Decker’s Chapel during the dinner.According to Kalinowski, drainage issues at the chapel have caused the foundation to start to crumble, which has caused the historical society to close the chapel to make sure that no one goes inside to make the foundation any worse or to get hurt.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerElk County Historical Society hosts 51st annual dinnerRidgway water valve found2015-04-18T00:21:56-04:002015-04-18T00:21:56-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PANo author availableDamaged water valve foundRidgway it forward with pillows for patients2015-04-18T00:20:06-04:002015-04-18T00:20:06-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordThe Elk County Catholic High School sophomore recently donated four frog pillows to Penn Highlands Elk's emergency department for staff to distribute them to children who are airlifted from the hospital."I thought it would be nice to do something for kids that were going to be life-flighted so it would make their experience less traumatic," Johnson said. "The idea to do something for children that were going to be life-flighted kind of stuck in my head because I was life-flighted when I was 8 years old."Ridgway, PAAmy CherryPaying it forward with pillows for patientsRidgway