The Daily Press The Ridgway Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-05-26T00:28:42-04:00 delivers Memorial Day address2015-05-26T00:28:42-04:002015-05-26T00:28:42-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRon Beimel was the keynote speaker at Central Fire Station during the annual Memorial Day program, noting that he was honored to speak."We're here today to honor our heroes and remember their achievements, courage and dedication, and to thank them for their sacrifices," he said, indicating that while service members "come from all walks of life," they all share the same traits."They possess courage, pride, determination, dedication to duty and integrity," Beimel said. "Many of them didn't ask to leave their homes to fight on different battlefields, many of them didn't volunteer, they didn't go to war because they loved fighting; they were called to be a part of something bigger than themselves.Ridgway, PAJoseph BellBeimel delivers Memorial Day addressRidgway celebrate Memorial Day throughout Johnsonburg2015-05-26T00:26:29-04:002015-05-26T00:26:29-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordJohnsonburg's citizens participated in this year's Memorial Day services which included a flag ceremony, a Naval service, a veterans' walk and a Memorial Day program that was held at the gazebo along Market Street. The program at the gazebo started with a small parade as the Johnsonburg/Wilcox Servicemen's Detail marched its way down Market Street towards the gazebo, followed by five trucks from the Johnsonburg Fire Department and a number of veterans from throughout Johnsonburg. The program began as the Johnsonburg Area High School Band performed the "Star Spangled Banner" before Pastor Bob Johnson delivered the day's invocation. Ridgway, PARichie LeckerResidents celebrate Memorial Day throughout JohnsonburgRidgway Fire Department called to Domtar2015-05-23T22:11:26-04:002015-05-23T22:11:26-04:00Copyright 2010 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PARichie LeckerJohnsonburg Fire Department called to DomtarRidgway filed from April Windfall crash2015-05-23T00:03:36-04:002015-05-23T00:03:36-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordTonia Joyce Rio, 43, of 461 Washington St., St. Marys, faces multiple DUI charges in addition to accidents invoking damage to unattended property and careless driving.
Rio was transported to Penn Highlands Elk for a blood draw. The samples were sent to NMS Labs and a report was received earlier this month by the St. Marys City Police Department, indicated her BAC at 12:39 a.m. April 16 was 0.156.
Ridgway, PAJoseph BellCharges filed from April Windfall crashRidgway Marys man ditches rig, holds up traffic2015-05-23T00:02:03-04:002015-05-23T00:02:03-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordOn Tuesday morning around 1:30 a.m., the St. Marys City Police Department received a call reporting a man banging on windows and laying in the roadway on North Michael Street near the Diamond.
According to the affidavit of probable cause submitted by officer David J. Marconi, upon arriving at the scene, officers saw Kevin James Eckenroad, 24, of 133 W. Oilwell St., St. Marys, standing in the parking area on North Michael Street near city hall, and as they got closer, Eckenroad moved to the middle of the roadway, where he stood with his arms extended.
Ridgway, PARichie LeckerSt. Marys man ditches rig, holds up trafficRidgway burn spreads to unoccupied structure2015-05-23T00:00:43-04:002015-05-23T00:00:43-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJoseph BellControlled burn spreads to unoccupied structureRidgway class performs Thursday2015-05-22T00:11:53-04:002015-05-22T00:11:53-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PANo author availableDrama class performs ThursdayRidgway conviction for exotic animal ordinance2015-05-22T00:10:51-04:002015-05-22T00:10:51-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PARichie LeckerFirst conviction for exotic animal ordinanceRidgway stolen from skatepark2015-05-22T00:10:02-04:002015-05-22T00:10:02-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PANo author availableItems stolen from skateparkRidgway David Letterman Says Goodbye to the "Late Show"2015-05-21T18:21:12-04:002015-05-21T18:21:12-04:00Copyright 2015 Ridgway RecordLetterman has a star-studded finale<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Ridgway, PANo author availableVIDEO: David Letterman Says Goodbye to the "Late Show"Ridgway