The Daily Press The Ridgway Record | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-09-17T18:15:53-04:00 6 Ways To Pack A Better Lunch2014-09-17T18:15:53-04:002014-09-17T18:15:53-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway Record <script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Ridgway, PANo author availableVIDEO: 6 Ways To Pack A Better LunchRidgway jailed in St. Marys heroin sting2014-09-17T00:49:08-04:002014-09-17T00:49:08-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordOfficers, agents and members of the North Central Drug Task Force served a search warrant shortly after 6 p.m. Monday at 131 Hemlock Rd. where a large amount of heroin and drug paraphernalia was seized.Ridgway, PAJim Meyer4 jailed in St. Marys heroin stingRidgway join EPA opposition2014-09-17T00:47:52-04:002014-09-17T00:47:52-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJoseph BellCommissioners join EPA oppositionRidgway recognizes older workers week2014-09-17T00:46:38-04:002014-09-17T00:46:38-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PAJoseph BellCounty recognizes older workers weekRidgway highlights progress at local hospital2014-09-17T00:45:46-04:002014-09-17T00:45:46-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway Record"We've had some very good things happening recently and through our recruitment team we've added several physicians to our staff," she said. "Things have been very well received thus far. Both Dr. Gorlowski and Dr. Ali have connected so they'll have good pediatric support for our area. "We're looking for opportunities to position them in other communities as well, so once we get Dr. Tosh here, we'll figure that out."Ridgway, PAJoseph BellCampbell highlights progress at local hospitalRidgway mill tax increase discussed by Johnsonburg Borough Council2014-09-17T00:43:29-04:002014-09-17T00:43:29-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordNothing definitive has been decided by the council and research is still being conducted by Borough Manager Mary Polaski to look at the financial status of the borough before a final budget is decided upon. Ridgway, PARichie Lecker3 mill tax increase discussed by Johnsonburg Borough CouncilRidgway owe borough $124,000 in taxes2014-09-15T23:01:56-04:002014-09-15T23:01:56-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordZimmerman shared his findings with council members during Monday's regular monthly meeting of the Ridgway Borough Council at the Ridgway Borough building.Ridgway, PARichie LeckerCitizens owe borough $124,000 in taxesRidgway addresses transporting firearms2014-09-15T22:59:55-04:002014-09-15T22:59:55-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordFirearm reciprocity agreements were just one of the many topics covered at the event hosted by state Representative Matt Gabler (R-Elk/Clearfield).Ridgway, PAAmy CherryPanel addresses transporting firearmsRidgway exhibition held for RAHS teacher2014-09-15T00:05:04-04:002014-09-15T00:05:04-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordRidgway, PARichie LeckerArt exhibition held for RAHS teacherRidgway Ridgway man writes novel2014-09-13T00:59:58-04:002014-09-13T00:59:58-04:00Copyright 2014 Ridgway RecordJoe Bliskey released his new novel on Aug. 6, 2014, which is titled "Muted Echoes" and is available at Cliffe's Ridgway, PARichie LeckerFormer Ridgway man writes novelRidgway