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Wilcox walkway completion projected

February 14, 2012

Photo by Heather Cherry – From left to right, Laurie Storrar, Supervisor/Secretary, Mike DePonceau, Chairman, Deb Shaffer, Supervisor/Vice Chairman, Jeff Roberts, Road Superintendent, listen to Rich Lecker, Smith-Keats Insurance Agency, speak about optional insurance coverage for the employees.

WILCOX – Jones Township Supervisors voted to participate in a CEI grant at the meeting held Monday night.
Laurie Storrar, Supervisor/Secretary, reported a grant requiring a 50/50 match is available through the county for recreation purposes.
“We could finish the walking track with this grant,” Storrar said. “Preliminary estimates of cost are approximately $50,000.”
Storrar explained a stipulation to the grant is the township would have to put up 50 percent of the cost, which is $25,000.
“With government cuts there is expected to be 70 percent less in grant money,” Storarr said. “There is going to be very little grant money left, so we should take it while we can.”
Uneasy about spending $25,000, the township supervisors passed the motion. Chairman Mike DePonceau assured the park is self-sustaining. “The park has been doing well for itself,” DePonceau said. “It is much safer than having people walking on [state Route] 219, and there is already so much completed.”
In new business, a meeting was held Jan. 11 in regards to the bridges in Jones Township, specifically the Twin Lakes Bridge.
“The Twin Lakes Bridge is on the 18-30 year plan but is not under the four-year plan,” Storrar said. “When it’s less than four years you can’t be sure you’ll have money for it. But the engineers assured it won’t need replaced as long as I’m here.”

Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.

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