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Township raises taxes on migrant workers

September 13, 2011

Photo by Gian DeLoia – Jones Township Supervisor chairman Mike DePonceau, center, discusses his notes during the regular meeting.

WILCOX – The Jones Township Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of raising the earned income tax of out-of-state workers to one percent during Monday night's meeting.
This township raised the earned income tax by .5 percent.
"Currently our ordinance allows for .5 percent to be collected from out-of-state workers," said chairman Mike DePonceau. "Do we want to raise this to one percent? Residents in most Pennsylvania municipalities pay one percent of earned income tax, which is split between municipalities and school districts."
DePonceau noted that school district cannot assess migrant workers.
"We all pay one percent," said supervisor Laurie Storrar. "We have one percent taken out of our paycheck; half of it goes to the school district and half of it goes to the municipality. A migrant worker without an ordinance doesn't have to have anything taken out of their pay. Our current ordinance states that they have to have half a percent taken out."
Supervisors also voted in favor of sharing the costs of adopting the ordinance as well as an ordinance to join PLGIT [Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust].
According to Storrar, it has been 27 years since the township belonged to PLGIT.
"I couldn't find an ordinance of when it was adopted, but to be on the safe side we should adopt an ordinance to join PLGIT as a first step," Storrar said.

Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.

Next meeting
Jones Township Supervisors
Monday, Oct. 10
7 p.m.
Community Center kitchen

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