Tax committee wants out of 'disastrous' contract

FOX TOWNSHIP – A special meeting of the Elk County Tax Collection Committee was held Monday at the Fox Township Municipal Building in response to the failure of a tax collection firm contracted by the county to collect and distribute earned income tax (EIT) to its school districts and municipalities in accordance with Act 32 legislation.CENTAX, an Allegheny County-based tax collection agency, was contracted by Elk County following passage of the state's Act 32 of 2011, which reformed and standardized the local earned income tax system. Whereas prior to Act 32 a county could have a number of EIT collectors serving various municipalities and school districts, under the law counties are now limited to one. The formation of the Elk County Tax Collection Committee was also the result of Act 32, which required the formation of countywide committees made up of delegates representing local municipalities and school districts. Committee Chairman Brent Rhoads said as of July 3, CENTAX was "several thousand dollars shy" of what it owed to entities within the county.For more, pick up a copy of the Tuesday, July 10 edition of The Ridgway Record.