Social Hall renovated

Father Brian Vossler and parishioners of St. Leo Magnus Roman Catholic Church are set to unveil their renovated social hall Sunday, May 20, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m."It's a very simple ceremony with a blessing and I'll be highlighting the things that took place, and we'll be conducting tours as well so people can see some of the things that were done," Vossler said. "Some of the restaurant owners in town will cater the reception that day and we already had an appreciation dinner at The Royal Inn for all the contractors and their guests to show our gratitude."The dedication and tours will immediately follow the 10 a.m. mass.The project started in June 2011 in an effort to complement the refurbished worship space upstairs."There was really a stark contrast with cinder blocks, poles, and with the beauty of upstairs, we wanted to improve what we have," Vossler said.While the benefactors wish to remain anonymous, Vossler said parishioners have been offered a "wonderful gift" with the renovation."We used a lot of the same contractors because we wanted to be consistent with the coating, the electric, and the sound system folks," Vossler said. "There were a lot of the same contractors who came in to do the work."Bingo was closed down for four months during some of the early work and some of the renovations included new ceilings, lights, bingo monitors, dividers, tables, chairs, walls and new stained glass window coverings."That's a highlight [stained glass window coverings] as we wanted to bring more of a religious feeling to the social hall," Vossler said.Metal support poles were boxed in to provide an oak finish along with a new stage, complete with lights, curtains, and multiple storage drawers in front of the stage and backstage."With the new dehumidifier system, that was around $35,000 alone that you don't even notice with it being in the back room but it had to be updated," Vossler said.The "creme de la creme" just might be the breathtaking kitchen setup.The layout features all new appliances including a new confectionary oven, two deep fryers, a grill, stovetop and oven, two freezers, two refrigerators, a dozen rubbermaid carts to stack the plates, bowls and silverware, and cups, and a new coffee and tea station."It's a pretty remarkable project and I don't believe there has been any work done on the social hall since it was built," Vossler said. "There has been very little renovation down there."Pick up a copy of the Thursday, May 17, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.