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Smallbore hunting rifle championship contested at Ridgway Rifle Club

August 9, 2011

Team "Mexico 1" was the smallbore hunting rifle team champion. Team members are from left, Enrique Kuess Jr., Angelica Kuess Davila and Gabriel Guerra.

The NRA smallbore hunting rifle championship took place Monday afternoon at the Ridgway Rifle Club smallbore range as part of the NRA National Silhouette Championships.
The overall team winner was “Mexico 1” with a score of 202. Team members are Gabriel Guerra (Monterrey, Mexico), Angelica Kuess Davila (Laredo, Texas), and Enrique Kuess Jr. (Laredo, Texas).
The overall runner-up was team “B.A.S.S.” with a score of 201. Team members are Susan Peery (Churchton, Mass.), Laura Goetsch (Whites Creek, Tenn.) and Cathy Winstead-Severin (Joplin, Mo.)
Team “PE ELL” was the master class champion with a score of 191. Team members are Eric Boos (Little Rock, Wash), Loren Peter (Vancouver, Wash) and Dennis Martinen (Yakima, Wash.).
Team “Texas State Rifle Association” took second in master class with a score of 190. Team members are Mark Pharr (Round Rock, Texas), Jerry Toreau (Baton Rouge, La.) and Alan Bruce Finley (Calhoun, La.)
Team “PA Rifle & Pistol Association” took third in master class with a mark of 179. Team members are Ben Marzella (Ridgway), Wally Howard (Hazel Hurst) and Fred Kielbowick (Ridgway).
Team “Mexico 2” was the AA class winner with a score of 172. Team members are Enrique Kuess Sr. (Laredo, Texas), Carlos Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico) and Jorge Moreno (Saltillo, Mexico).
Team Australia was second at 159. Team members are Russell Teale (Queensland, Australia), David True (Canberra, Australia) and Anthony Finn (Bracken Ridge, Australia).
Team “Harrisburg Hunters & Anglers took third at 146. Team members are Gerold B. Johnson (Duncannon), Randall Samick (Harrisburg) and Luke Johnson (Marysville)
In AA class, “Team Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association” won with a mark of 137. Team members are Richard Franke (Clinton Township, Mich.), Gary Dawson (Rochester, Mich.) and Duane Burleson (Sterling Heights, Mich.)
Team “Maryland 12th Precinct” won in A class with a score of 79. Team members are Walter Oakley (Lusby, Md.) George Petricko (Tracys Landing, Md.) and Leroy Brunner Jr. (Severna Park, Md.)

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