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Ridgway Rifle Club hosts Combat Pistol Match

March 12, 2012

Gary Thompson of Johnsonburg was the fourth-place winner at the Combat Match held Saturday at the Ridgway Rifle Club.

The Ridgway Rifle Club hosted the “Saint Patrick’s Day Combat Pistol Match” on Saturday, March 10. 
Competitors from four counties attended the International Defensive Pistol Association match. Chief Range Officer Bob Gnan gave everyone instructions about safety practices adhered to during the matches. Safety procedures are the hallmark of any of the handgun competitions.   
Four defensive scenarios were presented to the shooters, and the competition began. Defensive situations included shooting from a seated position, avoiding hostages, shooting while moving, and using barricades. Skills needed for this competition include shooting accurately and shooting quickly.
Among the top shooters at the match included Jared Shaffer of St. Marys using his STI Trojan 9 mil semiautomatic, and Dave Thompson shooting his 9 mil CZ handgun. Many of the other handgunners used 1911 style single-stack pistols, and the always reliable Glock semiautomatics. Lunch was served and fellowship was enjoyed. The matches are scheduled for the second Saturday each month at the Rifle Club. The Range Directors are hoping that the April match will be held at the recently updated outdoor range. Visitors are welcome and are reminded to bring ear and eye protection.

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