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Ridgway high school trap shooting faces area opponents

May 2, 2014

Photo submitted - Jeremiah Amacher

The Ridgway high school trap shooting team took on four area opponents in recent trap shooting action.
Ridgway took on St. Marys North in a recent trap shooting match on April 16. St. Marys North won 124-106 over Ridgway in the overall match.
For St. Marys, Troy Caskey had the top score with a mark of 23. Eric Uhl was next with a 22 and Noah Werner finished with a 21. Doug Watkavitch had a 20 while Tyler Donachy and Josh Eckert finished with scores of 19. The top six scores counted for both sides.
For Ridgway, Nathan Donati and Ryan Weis had the top scores as they each finished with scores of 19. Tyler Shilk had a mark of 18 while Brock Cook and Tonya Harlan finished with a score of 17. Ricky Marzella finished with a score of 16 to round out the top six for Ridgway.
For St. Marys, Billy Beck finished with a 13 and Hannah Eckert had a mark of 16. Ethan Fox finished with a 17 and Emilee Gahn finished with an 11. Dana Gardner finished with a score of 13 and Tayler Gnan had a score of 17. Nick Reed, Andy Geci, Casey Mattivi and Shane Haberberger each had scores of 19. Ashley McDowell had a score of eight. Doug Schatz finished with a 15 and Kyle Schatz had a score of five. Holly Shields finished with a 16 while Zachary Shutters had a mark of eight. Mike Stager had a mark of 16 and Ian Straub finished with a score of two. Seth Tucker had a score of nine.
For Ridgway, Jeremiah Amacher had a score of 15 and Jasmine Carlson finished with a score of eight. Kyle Hamilton had a score of 12 while Tressa Harlan had a score of 11. Austin Lewis had a score of eight and Ricky Marzella finished with a 16. Johnny Mitchell had a score of nine and Amy Pontious finished with a score of six. Nathan Porter finished with a 14 and Aaron Shilk tallied a 13. Bob Szczotka finished with a 10 and Emyle Walker tallied a seven.

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