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Reiki practice new to the area

October 29, 2011

Photo by Heather Cherry – Elaine Parana is a Reiki Practitioner in Johnsonburg. Parana says Reiki is an old Japanese hands-on healing and relaxation treatment that supports regular medical care.

JOHNSONBURG – Elaine Parana is a Reiki Practitioner. Parana has been practicing Reiki since 2002 but just recently opened her own shop in her home.
She says Reiki is an old Japanese hands-on healing and relaxation treatment.
“Reiki promotes healing in the body, mind and spirit,” Parana said. “It is an alternative healing method that enhances regular medical care.”
Some people may be skeptical of Reiki, but Parana assures it is essentially a channeling of energy from the universe.
“I am not the energy,” Parana said. “The energy is in the universe; I just channel the energy through my hands and into the people.”
Energy can be given to all things living. Reiki can be used on a realm of living objects (in addition to people) like plants and animals. “I have a regular client that is a dog named Pahler,” Parana said. “I really think he enjoys it and benefits because he has arthritis.”
Her seven grandchildren inspired Parana to partake in this natural journey.
“My seven grandchildren make me feel young at heart,” she said. “I just wanted to be able to share my gift to help others feel good.”
The Reiki journey began for Parana in 2002 when she began practicing on her family and friends. She decided to open a private shop in her home to offer others the invigorating experience.
Parana’s Reiki Therapy is located at 172 Glen Mayo Road, Johnsonburg. She can be reached at 814-965-2719 for further information.

Pick up a copy of the Saturday, Oct. 29, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.

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