Recycling center to get part-time help

Members of the county's salary board voted Tuesday to create a part-time position to assist in operations at the community recycling center and other collection programs operated through the Elk County Solid Waste Authority.Officials on Tuesday gave the green light for a "Level 5" position with either a non-probationary rate of $11.07 an hour or a union probationary rate of $11.45 an hour; the rate is contingent upon further evaluation of the job, specifically responsibilities with various pieces of equipment at the center."We're really busy and the center has grown, I think much faster than anyone ever anticipated," said Bekki Titchner, recycling/solid waste coordinator for Elk County. "All of us have been putting in a lot of hours over there. "We're moving forward and we don't ever want to leave our volunteers there without a staff person, so one of us always has to be there."The center has been fortunate this summer to have two young men from the Stackpole PHEAA [Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency] program, but their inclusion has shown authority members "how much help [they] actually need.""I think we need a part-time person over there that can work with [Enforcement Officer] Dave [Stubber] during the week when we're not open but still processing materials," Titchner said. "We've recycled as much this year so far as we did in all of 2011. We've basically doubled what's coming out of the center so far. There is a lot to do and we certainly need someone there so that we can tend to other things in the office as well."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, July 18, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.