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PA high school basketball needs a shot clock

January 12, 2011

By Joseph Bell – Record Editor – Enough is enough already. Far too often (at the local level in Pennsylvania high school basketball) we've seen an opposing team build a two-possession lead and attempt to run the clock out with four minutes left in the game. A shot clock for Pennsylvania high school basketball is long overdue... to be fair... let's say 40 seconds.
On one hand, the team that has built the 4-point lead and is running out the clock is talented... they were good enough to build the lead. But on the other hand, let's see how they perform in a do-or-die situation where they have to score or they turn the ball back over to the other team with a chance to chip away at the margin.
Furthermore, with the inception of a shot clock, that would mean finding someone responsible enough to run it properly. Problem is, there are some schools that can't even get someone to run the game clock and scoreboard in a respectable manner let alone a shot clock... it's such a lackluster job that many school districts have resorted to having teachers and faculty do the task.
For the most part, school boards in Pennsylvania are tightwads and try extremely hard to curb spending wherever necessary so they would never pay someone to run a shot clock, such as a third referee, just another reason why although a shot clock for Pennsylvania high school basketball is needed, it will just never happen. Therefore the teams who build a slight lead in Pennsylvania high school basketball, including those in the area, are still safe. Go ahead, run the clock out.


Shot Clock

February 8, 2011 by Coach T (not verified), 4 years 29 weeks ago
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I cannot believe that Pennsylvania has not adopted a shot clock. Here in California high school basketball has used a shot clock for years. 30 seconds for girls and 35 for boys and it's a great tool to keep the game moving along. It also promotes defense to hold teams from getting a shot off. However, being invovled with coaching for over 15 years there's very few times that a shot clock vioation occurs.

Shot Clock

January 27, 2011 by Mayor (not verified), 4 years 31 weeks ago
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Obviously, you’re an alumnus, fan, or parent of a student who attends Elk Country Catholic. Running the clock out for an overly-extended amount of time is neither fundamental nor in the best interest of competition. Your statement about the 3-point line hindering shot mechanics due to the strength required to shoot the ball from that distance is also lacking any real credibility. We are talking about High School Basketball…not 6th grade or even Junior High hoops. To infer that high school students, 9th -12th graders, do not possess the strength to shoot from the 3-point line is ridiculous.

Mr. Bell is correct, a shot clock at the “high school level” in long overdue. Although there are obvious limitations, both logistically and financially, this practice of running down the clock for 4 minutes plus could potentially be stifled by the addition of a shot clock. In the interest of competition this is something that the PIAA should really consider implementing in the near future.

Shot clock

January 15, 2011 by Steve Fox (not verified), 4 years 32 weeks ago
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I disagree with the shot clock in high school basketball. Already, the game has been compromised with the advent of the 3-point line. A top of the key shot should not be worth an extra point. When I see youngsters trying to throw the ball up from behind the 3-point line I cringe. How can you teach a young player proper shooting mechanics when all they want to do is make a 3-pointer and they have to chuck it like a baseball to get it up that far? Then they make one shot out of 50 and they think they are really doing something. If a team can't get the ball away from another team that is playing keep away, they aren't working hard enough.

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