New Kindergarten teacher back in the district he grew up in

JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg Elementary School’s newest kindergarten teacher is Dan Carnovale. Carnovale is a Johnsonburg Area High School graduate. Because of growing up in Johnsonburg and attending JAHS, Carnovale said he is glad to be back in the school district he also attended. “I am very grateful for this opportunity to be back in the school district that I graduated from,” he said. “I know what this school district gave to me and I feel proud to be able to give back to the district, the students, and the community.”Not only is Carnovale back in the district he attended, he is also in the same room he once learned in himself. “The very room I am teaching kindergarten in is the classroom where I went to kindergarten so many years back.”Carnovale says he became a teacher because of experiences he had with children during his high school career. “In high school, I was a tutor to seventh-grade students that were having trouble transitioning from elementary school to high school,” he said. “I loved being able to work with these students as well as being able to see as they progressed in school. Because of this I knew I wanted to be a teacher.”As a kindergarten teacher, Carnovale hopes to help students reach their individual goals throughout the year. “Some of my goals for my first year of teaching would be to have students who have reached their own individual goals,” he said.Another goal Carnovale has is to create a good learning environment where students feel at ease. “I hope to create a fun learning atmosphere where students feel comfortable and are excited to learn new things every day,” said Carnovale. “I hope to walk away from my first year of teaching and be able to say that I made a difference in each of my students’ lives,”Carnovale says he is proud to be a teacher when the students experience the moment when they conquer something they were struggling with. “My favorite part of being a teacher is seeing the 'Ah Ha' moments,” he said. “For example, if a student is struggling with a concept or skill and all of the sudden you see this look come across their face that just says, 'I get it!' This is the 'Ah Ha' moment, and a moment that as a teacher I am very proud of.”Pick up a copy of the Monday, Aug. 29, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.