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McKnight: Water is safe to drink

July 19, 2011

Photo by Gian DeLoia – Treatment plant supervisor Rick McKnight, left, updates the Ridgway Borough Council over the quality of the water.

The Borough of Ridgway held its regular council meeting Monday night and discussed the water quality after receiving complaints from residents of a 'slight yellow tinge' to their drinking water.
Treatment plant supervisor Rick McKnight briefed council members on the status.
"There have been some questions about the water and the color to it," McKnight said. "It seems like it's fine when it leaves the water plant, but because we are mandated to keep a chlorine residual at the furthest part of the system with the water being around 70 degrees [Fahrenheit]. The chlorine doesn't want to stay in the water, it dissipates and comes out of the water.
"That's why you are going to find a slight tint to it. We have to keep a residual to the furthest end of the system and the only way to do this is to keep the chlorine levels up. The water is safe to drink there shouldn't be any problems as to the safety of it."
McKnight noted the water temperatures in the dam and reservoir are the highest he has seen in his 25 years of employment at the plant.

Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, July 19, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.

Next meeting
Ridgway Borough Council
Monday, Aug. 15
7 p.m.
Municipal Building


Heat causing "yellow" water?

July 19, 2011 by 218017765 (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 220

It seems odd to me that the temperature of the water is the hottest it has been in 25 years. Although it has been hot this past week, I would be surprised to hear if our mean temperature is higher than average. How else would that temperature be raised?
Also, I assume there was more information available at the meeting. It seems from this report that the explanation of the yellow water is that the chlorine level has been increased due to the temperature, but context would tell me that the yellow is due to the fact that the chlorine is dissipating? Perhaps I need another course in reading comprehension, but that is confusing.
Finally, when they were flushing the lines on South Street, you could clearly smell chlorine. The "creek" water coming out of my tap doesn't smell like chlorine. For a frame of reference, here is a link to a photo of the water in my tub. I personally have been buying bottled water, because I don't want to find out later there was more to this than high temperatures and chlorine levels.

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