Mathews inspired by students

Alison Mathews, a new teacher to the Ridgway Area Middle/High School says she was inspired to become a teacher because of previous community service she completed. “My senior year in high school I helped one of my former elementary teachers for a community service class,” Mathews said. “Assisting in her classes every morning and watching the kids respond to her teaching helped me find a passion for helping others learn.”The passion Mathews witnessed as a teenager has evolved into a passion in her career. “My favorite part of being a teacher is sharing a passion for always wanting to learn more, each and every day,” she said.Mathews teaches seventh and eighth grade math strategies, eighth grade algebra and the gifted program at the Ridgway Middle School. A Lock Haven University graduate, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and later returned to college at Kutztown University to obtain her Special Education certification. In addition, Mathews holds certificates for mid-level math and science.Mathews says the students will always be interested in her classes because they are actively involved their learning. “My students remain interested in my classes through being actively engaged in their own learning,” Mathews said. “The integrated use of technology and my enthusiasm for the subject content keeps them involved.”Some goals Mathews has for her first year include familiarizing herself in the district with students, faculty and staff, as well as effectively using technology and improving her students’ PSSA scores from previous years.Mathews is originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, and says being new to the area has been rather impressive. “This area is completely new to me. I moved from a suburban town northwest of Philadelphia,” she said. “I had no idea what to expect coming up here but everyone has been so welcoming and willing to lend a hand so I feel right at home. I look forward to the many amazing experiences I will have being a part of the Ridgway District.”Pick up a copy of the Monday, Oct. 3, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.