Local photographer wins at Pittsburgh print competition

JOHNSONBURG – Stephanie Carnessali, owner of Carnessali Photography in Johnsonburg, recently submitted a photograph that won a red ribbon in the Pittsburgh print competition of the Triangle Photographers Association of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The photograph was taken spontaneously, and Carnessali explains how she instantly knew it would be good for the competition. “I always have the print competition in the back of my mind,” Carnessali said. “I was on the other side of the bridge and I saw how cute the couple was being and shot it because it was so sweet. I took it not thinking of the competition, but afterwards I knew I just had to enter it.”The making of a good print includes many elements. “The judges don’t actually see the image,” Carnessali said. “The image has to have an impact. The shot was just perfect with all the trees pointing down to the bride and groom and it all just kind of flowed. I gave it a title of sweet nothings because you can tell that’s what they’re doing.”Carnessali has been working towards the print competition since she began her photography business six years ago. “I didn’t go to college for photography,” Carnessali said. “But I do a lot of classes through the Triangle Institute of Professional Photography. I am always working to continue my education because if you don’t educate yourself regularly then you just fall off.”Pick up a copy of the Saturday, March 10, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.