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Late fees concern resident

June 7, 2012

Photo by Gian DeLoia – The Ridgway Township Municipal Authority reviews the agenda during Thursday night's meeting.

Following a complaint from a Ridgway Township resident, the Ridgway Township Municipal Authority will be updating their website [] detailing the full terms and conditions associated with a resident's water bill.
Township resident Rob Rakieski attended Thursday night's municipal authority seeking answers as to why he was charged a $15 fee on top of a 5-percent late fee charge.
"My concern is that I didn't have a problem with the 5-percent late fee because I added that in there when I paid the bill, but this letter was generated on [May] 29 and I received it on [June 1] saying I was going to be charged a $15 fee for this letter," Rakieski said. "I just don't understand what the terms and conditions are. It was never printed on my bill saying if it was not paid by a certain date I was going to be sent a letter and charged $15. The terms and conditions that are on the bill states a 5-percent late fee, which I don't have a problem with that. The question is about this letter that was sent out and received the same day the bill was paid."
According to Chairman Ed LaValle, a $15 charge for the letter has been a policy for over 10 years.
"I didn't see it in the terms and conditions anywhere about this letter," Rakieski said. "It's not even on the website about the rates and I just think it's a little too premature. I paid it [late charges] before I received the letter."

Pick up a copy of the Friday, June 8, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.

Next meeting
Ridgway Township Municipal Authority
Thursday, July 5
7 p.m.
Municipal Building

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