Johnsonburg graduate now geologist in Texas

Jesse Thompson is a Johnsonburg Area High School graduate who currently lives in Houston, Texas and works at Chevron. Thompson holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Geology from Allegheny College, and a Master's degree in Geology from the University of Kansas.    Thompson works for Chevron in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Business Unit. “My position is on the appraisal team where we work to characterize an oil accumulation after a discovery has been made,” Thompson said. “It is important to correctly appraise any oil accumulation before developing the field. Developing an oil field in the Gulf of Mexico is very expensive, an individual well cost hundreds of millions of dollars and facilities can cost billions.”The job is imperative because it helps companies evaluate monetary value of their project. “Before a company starts development they want to be sure there is enough oil in place to make the project economic,” Thompson said. “As a geologist, my job is to characterize the reservoir.”A geologist’s job reaches much more than the surface. “I come up with an interpretation of the depositional history of the sandstones, and make maps of the thickness and lateral extent of these reservoir rocks in the subsurface,” Thompson said. “I also work to make structural maps, carefully mapping the top of the reservoir as well as any faults that may break up the reservoir.”Knowing his elucidations help businesses is only a part of why Thompson enjoys his career. “I have a passion for geology,” Thompson said. “And I like knowing my interpretations are helping our team make big business decisions.”When thinking back to growing up in Elk County, Thompson explains he wouldn’t have it another way. “I think when you grow up in the country you have values and skill sets that you wouldn't have had if you grew up in the city,” Thompson said.Thompson’s favorite thing to do when he comes home is to visit with family.  “I don't get home as much as I would like to but while I am here I like to spend as much time with my parents and aunts and uncles as I can,” Thompson said. “I usually visit around Christmas and I always look forward to seeing some snow. Winter temperatures in Houston can be around 65-70 degrees so it is nice to get a taste of winter while I am home.”Thompson is the son of Dave and Peggy Thompson of Johnsonburg.