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Fitness Instructor dedicating herself to better the community

December 6, 2011

Photo by Heather Cherry – Front centered Laura Lechien, Aero/tone Instructor. Back row from left, Rita Constable, Sutton Lecker, Patty McDivitt and Lacey Stanley, all members of the Aero/tone fitness class offered at the Johnsonburg Community Center.

JOHNSONBURG – Johnsonburg native Laura Lechien has chosen to dedicate her time in order to better the community.
Lechien teaches an Aero/tone fitness class at the Johnsonburg Community Center where all proceeds are donated to the community center.
“I don’t get anything out of it. Members have to pay a membership fee to the building,” Lechien said. “I am blessed with a good job, so I decided I would do this to give back to the community.”
Lechien was approached last year to teach a class at the community center. In order to teach safely, Lechien decided to become a certified personal trainer.
“The community center lost their instructor last year. They asked me to do it so I decided to become certified,” Lechien said. “I figured I am going to exercise regardless, and working with people makes it fun.”
The Aero/tone class is held on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the community center. The fitness class is a general exercise prescription.
“I do a warm-up, cardio, toning and abdominal work,” Lechien said. “There is also kickboxing and international dancing. I like to keep a variety so people don’t get bored.”
The class is centered on something Lechien says she would do at home.
“This is a workout I would do at home, but it is definitely a fitness class,” Lechien said. “You are not going to leave without a good workout.”
Even though the class is rigorous it can be accommodated to all fitness levels.
“We have over 20 people of all different ages,” Lechien said. “And I show them how to cater to their level of fitness.”

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