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Discussion over Pennsy Station continues

August 18, 2011

Photo by Gian DeLoia – The Ridgway Borough Council may take legal action to resolve a dispute over the Pennsy Railroad Station.

Mayor Guillermo Udarbe asked the Ridgway Borough Council to take legal action against the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad in an effort to resolve a 14-year dispute over what to do with the Pennsy Station along North Broad Street.
Udarbe reminded council that on Sept. 24, 2010, code enforcement officer Dave Zeigler wrote a letter to B&P Railroad property manager Bill Gentilman citing all of the violations and giving a 30-day notice to correct the violations.
"I think it is time for them to do something," Udarbe said. "There was a plan for them to demolish it, but to me I consider that an insult to injury. These people are not paying taxes to us. They are tax exempt and they've used the community and the station for many years without paying many things to us. They don't have any respect to the community, it is time for them to pay us back."
Udarbe suggested filing a formal complaint in court.
"The station is still the property of the railroad and it's time for them to do something about it," Udarbe said. "We can put some judgment against them by taking them to court to file a complaint or a lawsuit against them. I think this is the best way and we should stop this."

Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.


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August 18, 2011 by sljell (not verified), 3 years 50 weeks ago
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Use Eminent Domain to take possession of the property through legal channels. You can then demolish or remodel the property.

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