Alleged letter from fugitive received by area newspaper

EMPORIUM – As the manhunt continues for fugitive Thomas Smith, 58, of Emporium, wanted in connection with the Aug. 8 attempted abduction of an Emporium bank employee at gunpoint, Emporium-based newspaper The Cameron County Echo received what is allegedly a letter written by Smith himself. According to the Echo, the letter, dated Aug. 17, 2012, was dropped off at the paper's Broad Street office and reportedly contained a different version of the events of Aug. 8 than those put forth in news and police reports. An article appearing in the Wednesday, Aug. 22 issue of the Echo did not include the letter in its entirety. An "Editor's Note" included with the article explains that the two-and-a-half page handwritten letter, addressed to the paper's editor, was not published as the result of a policy in which letters to the editor must include a signature, address, and telephone number to verify authorship. Pick up a copy of the Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.