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February 17th, 2015

County on board with exploring rail authority

February 18, 2015

North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission officials in early November 2014 were approached regarding the possibility of revitalizing nearly 20 miles of railroad between Curwensville and DuBois.
The project would connect RJ Corman's railroads to the Buffalo & Pittsburgh railroad and has been lauded as significant economic development that could open up the region to additional markets.
Elk County commissioners are onboard with the project, authorizing the exploration of organizing a regional rail authority.

Twp. supervisors discuss Main St. Program

February 18, 2015

Main Street Manager Michelle Bogacki attended Tuesday's Ridgway Township Supervisors meeting to discuss the benefits the program has recently had in the area, specifically focusing on successes in the school district.
Bogacki first talked to the board about the DISCOVER Partnership and the Challenge To Change project that has come out of that partnership.
She said the DISCOVER Partnership was a grant received by the Community Education Council, and through that grant, the Challenge To Change project was started.

February 16th

YMCA membership up, parking issue growing

February 17, 2015

During Monday's Ridgway Borough Council meeting, Ridgway Borough Mayor Dr. Guillermo Udarbe updated the council on the success of the YMCA since the new swimming pool opened Friday, Jan. 10.
Udarbe said through talking with YMCA executive director Mary Lynne Bellotti, he found out that since the new swimming pool opened, 250 new members have joined the YMCA.
However, the influx of members is creating a parking issue with the YMCA, Udarbe said.
"Their main problem right now is parking," Udarbe said.

Firefighters battle blaze in extreme temps

February 17, 2015

ST. MARYS – A fire broke out early Monday morning in sub-zero temperatures at a West Creek Road farmhouse, leaving two elderly St. Marys brothers homeless.
Crystal Fire Department Chief Bill Kraus said there are no suspicious circumstances regarding the fire's origins at 361 West Creek Road as three fire departments responded to the blaze with a fourth on standby in St. Marys.

February 15th

Supporting the fight against texting and driving

February 16, 2015

Imagine attempting to keep a vehicle safely on the road while driving blindfolded for five seconds at 55 miles per hour. In addition, by this time a driver has covered an area slightly longer than a football field.What may sound like a challenge to some is a risk drivers take everyday when reading or sending a text message.
One local business owner is hoping to raise awareness to the dangers of texting and driving through participation in the Red Thumb Reminder project, encouraging drivers to paint their thumb nail red or wear a red band or string around their finger.

February 13th

Wreck at Rite Aid in St. Marys

February 14, 2015

ST. MARYS – Elk Company 1 (Crystal Fire Department), St. Marys Ambulance and St. Marys Police responded shortly after 3 p.m. Friday to a two-vehicle crash in the Rite Aid parking lot along the Million Dollar Highway in St. Marys. A public information release report was unavailable at press time but St. Marys Police confirmed a patron was exiting the business Friday afternoon and struck an unattended Ford F150 pickup truck and a large business sign located on the property.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: 7 Cute & Quirky DIY Valentine's Day Cards

February 13, 2015

VIDEO OF THE DAY: 7 Cute & Quirky DIY Valentine's Day Cards

February 12th

JASD denies recorded 'bankrupt' comments

February 13, 2015

JOHNSONBURG – At Thursday's Johnsonburg Area School District School Board meeting, school board member Richard "Louie" Wolfe denied that the term "bankruptcy" was ever used at a Jan. 21 JASD budget workshop, despite the word "bankrupt" being recorded by The Ridgway Record.
Wolfe made the claim after board members were asked about the district's financial situation, which has become a hot topic for the community since the most recent JASD budget workshop, according to Jason Pratt, a concerned parent that questioned the board about the district's financial status.

Main Street crash

February 13, 2015

An SUV drove over the curb and broke through a front glass pane at Hello Beautiful at approximately 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening along Main Street in Ridgway. Responders were on the scene to help those in the car as traffic was restricted for about 35 minutes and cleanup was done in front of the business. One person was taken out on a stretcher. No further information is known as of press time.

Ridgway man jailed for alleged cash theft

February 13, 2015

JOHNSONBURG – A Ridgway man with plans of catching a bus to Florida will have to make the best of Elk County Prison instead.
Timothy Simmons, 30, of Ridgway, is charged with theft by unlawful taking for allegedly taking cash from the register of a Ridgway grocery store while he was employed there.

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