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Cops: Teens plotted classmate's murder

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:57am
The teenagers would get together before school and at lunch to talk about a group project: the murder of a classmate, said police in Tucson, Arizona.
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Cop sought in killing after fight

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:55am
The search for a rookie Los Angeles Police Department officer suspected of homicide has expanded into an international manhunt, focused on the border cities of El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
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Shark attack victim: "It didn't like what it tasted"

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:52am
What started out as a family day of snorkeling, turned in to an unforgettable and dangerous moment for a man recovering from a shark attack in Hawaii.
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Craigslist crime: Fetus cut from womb

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:50am
The grisly cutting of a fetus from a woman began with a Craigslist ad about baby clothes for sale.
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Obama mulls compulsory voting

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:50am
How do we offset the influence of big money in politics while fixing the country's abysmal voter turnout rate? President Obama suggested maybe it's time to make voting a requirement.
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Navy SEAL dies in training accident

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:50am
A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed in a parachute accident in Perris, California, near Riverside, a U.S. Navy official tells CNN.
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Poll: 50% say Obama a success

Sat, 03/21/2015 - 5:50am
As the political world's focus begins to turn to the race to succeed President Barack Obama, a new CNN/ORC poll finds Americans are split over whether Obama's time in office has been a success. But they are now more likely than at any point during his tenure to say things in the country are going well.
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The 13th Juror: Showdown in Watertown

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 4:33pm
The brothers' last stand began with a ping.
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Biker teases cops during chase

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 4:32pm
Showboating biker stands on his seat during high speed chase. It had CNN's Jeanne Moos on the edge of her seat.
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27 test positive for TB at school

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 11:25am
A total of 27 people tested positive for tuberculosis at a Kansas high school. CNN affiliate KSHB reports.
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Bullies to teen: Kill yourself or we kill your family

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 11:23am
An Alabama mother says she's alerted authorities about her daughter being bullied and is concerned for her daughter's safety. CNN affiliate WBRC reports.
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Woman shot in rush hour road rage incident

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 11:21am
Authorities say a 28-year-old woman is in critical condition after she was shot in the head during a rush hour road rage incident on a Houston highway.
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Number of young visitors plummets

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 10:40am
America's national parks attracted a record-setting number of visits last year, but the typical visitor to the country's biggest parks is edging closer to retirement age.
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2,000 dead geese fall from the sky

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 10:39am
Idaho wildlife officials have retrieved 2,000 dead snow geese that fell from the sky this week.
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'White people only' stickers outrage

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 10:38am
Someone is posting stickers that say "exclusively for white people" on businesses in the Texas capital of Austin. And the mayor is not amused.
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Photos: The most-visited national park sites

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 10:36am
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Craigslist crime: Fetus cut from womb

Fri, 03/20/2015 - 10:33am
A stranger stabbed a pregnant woman who answered her Craigslist ad for baby clothes in Colorado and cut her fetus from the womb, authorities said
Categories: National News

Why fraternities make boys behave badly

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 5:11pm
Despite roots in community service and brotherhood, inappropriate behavior at fraternities are so common that often, no one blinks an eye.
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Opinion: Should Americans be forced to vote?

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 3:28pm
President Barack Obama suggested this week that mandatory voting might be one way to counteract the influence of money in politics. Australia and some other democracies already take steps to require citizens to vote. CNN Opinion invited several political experts to discuss whether the United States would be better off if it had mandatory voting. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the authors. This article was first published in November.
Categories: National News

What presidents think America is

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 11:43am
Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have all weighed in on their ideas of America.
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